YOUR CONSULTANT IS Heidi Westmoreland

My Story

Hello *Waves* Welcome to my website!

I'm Heidi, a 34 year old wife to Andy and Mummy to our 3 beautiful children.

I first came across Scentsy when one of my Facebook page buddies became a consultant. I had never heard of it before and watched from a far for a while. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I messaged her and asked for some more information. I'm a papercut artist by trade and fancied a new challenge, something new to learn about, but most importantly something that I could run alongside my current job.

My now sponsor gave me all the info, I picked up on all her passion for the business but back in April 2017 it wasn't the right time for me and I left it at that. Fast forward to June and I bought my first warmer - the flower vine and a bar of Luna Wax. I LOVED it! The warmers are super safe to have around children, no naked flames and the choice of scents is amazing, there is literally something for everyone! It still took me another 3 months before I plucked up the courage again to ask more questions and on the 17th September I finally joined! My only regret - not joining sooner!

At the beginning I was quite looking forward to a little bit of extra income but for me now, it is so much more than just extra income. I'm in the most inspirational, friendly and helpful team, it's helped build my confidence and given me a much more positive mindset and outlook on life. We also get so much generous product credit, I'll literally never be out of wax!
It really is the loveliest company to work for. Scentsy spirit is real!

By far the best thing I ever did!

I'm always on hand, so if you need any help, just shout!
Heidi. x